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Like a snake between two stones

So someone has gone round putting fnords all over our corporate intranet, and Illuminati graphics have been popping up on various pages too.

Its been a quiet week at work thankfully. I haven't really been in the mood for putting up with any stress here for the past couple of weeks. As of the 4th of December I will have been here for a whole year, I haven't stayed in a job for 12 months since before I went to England. My TL hassled me to hand in my appraisal form a few days ago (I've had it for month), I had been putting off filling it out in the hope that I would stop feeling so depressed about working here, but he wanted it by the end of the month and so I finished it off, using the opportunity to very succinctly blast the hell out of the company for running our team so poorly and treating us like shit. I expected my TL to give it back and tell me to edit it but he didn't, so he either has changed his mind about what he wants to filter thru to india about the state of play here, or he's hoping they'll fire me for it on account of me throwing a spanner in the works with the on call thing.

And so I'm hanging from the weekend, have got quite a lot lined up without anything 'big' being planned. Its payday today, and DJ warehouse are having a sale at the opening of their melbourne store so im gonna go snag a second cdj, Swedish festival with Vanilla on saturday, dinner with adam on saturday, probably installing marta's car speakers at some stage. Oh hey twigz, if you read this, I need the second book of the dark tower :P

I woke up in a fit or rage this morning, I was having some dream i only remember vaguely but i know i was kicking the shit out of someone for doing something which pissed me off. I had a somewhat embarassing episode yesterday involving me riding into a bin on the curb as i tried to go around a taxi that was taking up most of the bike lane in front of flinder st station, and I immediately flared up at the taxi driver thinking about how i wanted to go back and bitch slap him into tomorrow, when i was hit by the sudden realisation that despite my efforts to curtail my anger, I still go around LOOKING for things to get pissed about. It never occured to me until that moment that I was actively looking for reasons to get angry, as if i enjoy the act of going berzerk (duh, some of you are probably saying). This is obviously a problem - trying to control ones anger is one thing, but it would be much better just to not get angry.

Take a step out of yourself and turn around

When you bite the hand that feeds

Attention nerds: Solaris/Open Solaris user group starting up, first meeting sept 12 18:00. Speakers On Niagara 2 platform and Live Upgrade. Lv 7 476 st kilda rd.

Why I love tshirt hell.

Since marta brought up tshirthell anyway, I just wanted to say that Guys like you make me want to staple my cunt shut. Or they would if i had one. Classy.

Jun. 26th, 2007

Further to ben's post, if anyone else wants a free 17" CRT monitor, i also have one which is just taking up space....


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